Food Security, Climate Change and Water Resources




This session will explore how access to safe and sufficient water and food security is a critical component driving sustainable development and how technology and innovation are vital tools in order to enable Somalia to meet these needs. 

Over the years, technological innovation has been rapidly evolving and becoming part of our everyday life. These new technologies not only have a role to play in helping us respond to a humanitarian crisis (more efficient, faster, more beneficiary driven response) but also in facilitating opportunities for those affected over the long term. Investment in technology and innovation is essential for economic growth. By delivering assistance with latest technology solutions we not only can provide better response but at same time also introduce new and latest technology (already validated / tested) empowering people and that way contributing to economic growth over the long term. 

Innovation and technology will be key in, underpinning climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies that focus on effective and efficient water use in agriculture to boost productivity – but not only. Equally important is boost of linkages within the supply chain – addressing problem at one end of the chain without addressing bottlenecks further down (post-harvest losses, market delivery channels) will not get us far – there is need for solutions throughout the supply chain to guarantee that production outputs are available for consumers. 

Panelists will discuss and explore how private sector innovation and technology can underpin change for the better, towards achieving safe and secure food and water supplies and its accessibility for consumers.

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