Food Security, Climate Change and Water Resources




This session will explore how access to safe and sufficient water and food security are recognized as fundamental human rights, and are a critical foundation in driving sustainable development. There are significant challenges for Somalia in rebuilding resilient and sustainable agriculture; including climate and environmental change that result in an intensification of the hydrological cycle – more persistent droughts and deeper floods. Given that Somalia is a water scarce country with a highly water dependent economy, effective water management will be key to optimizing productive agriculture systems (crop, livestock and range) in the future. For challenges to be overcome, and for poverty to be substantially reduced, opportunities for applied innovation and greater private sector investment need to be opened up. Innovation and technology will be key in underpinning climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies that focus on effective and efficient water use in agriculture. Panelists will thus explore how private sector innovation and technology can underpin change for the better, towards achieving safe and secure food and water supplies.

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