About Summit

The Mogadishu Tech Summit is annual gathering that focuses on the need for Somalia government, business community, donors, private sector, entrepreneurs and development organizations to apply innovation and technology to drive a sustainable development as Somalia strives towards more stable, prosperous and technologically viable.


The summit brings together the best and brightest Somali innovators, techies,hackers, developers, experts, academics, students, entrepreneurs, startups, investors and journalists from all walks of Somalia,in order to explore business and investment opportunities, shape the ecosystem of the country and, more importantly, learn, share ideas and meet new innovators.

The aim of Mogadishu Tech Summit is to showcase the local tech talents and recognize the Somali innovators and entrepreneurs. Unlike other gathering and events, Mogadishu Tech Festival is all about innovation in action, and brings forward new voices of young Somali tech entrepreneurs, developers, designers and creatives who work in the country’s top cooperates and at major global brands such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook, IBM, Oracle and other tech giants. Together, they will discuss and highlight creative solutions that will address – and solve – Somali’s protracted challenges through innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship in real time

The Mogadishu Tech Summit will be the biggest festival ever in Somalia, and expects to bring together more than 600 delegates, 25 investors, 50+ startups, 40+ exhibitions and boot camps, pitching events, hackathons, workshops, and countless networking events all along on the sidelines.

Mogadishu Tech Summit is a marketplace to meet Somali’s tech talents, entrepreneurs, startups and investors. Whether you are an IT student, software developer, hardware Company or thinking to start a new startup, MTS offers you an inspiring space to bring your products, services and connect likeminded. Innovators, tech experts, influencers, coders, IT students and all people who are thinking outside the box will have a strong voice at the Mogadishu Tech Festival

Reasons to Attend

  • Benefit from international best practices, technical experts and insightful discussions on new Tech milestones by attending the roundtable discussions during the sessions

  • Further your innovative skills: Enhance your skills, entrepreneurship ventures and knowledge throughout the interactive high-level conference sessions.

  • Meet the right connections: Through the business matchmaking tool, schedule your meetings with who you wish to engage with during networking breaks

  • Our one-stop-shop to finding all your tech-related needs for 2018. Join industry experts from across the globe and discover what product innovations are revolutionizing operations and development in real time.

The MTS2018 Director’s Message

Welcome to Mogadishu city, one of the fastest growing cities in the world. First of all, allow me the honor of welcoming you to the 1st annual Mogadishu Tech Summit, held in the City of Mogadishu, Somalia, on July, 2018. 

The spirit and focus of this summit are primarily to explore opportunities in the use of Innovation and technology in driving sustainable development in Somalia but, more importantly, showcase the resilience and rise of Mogadishu city.

The overwhelming majority of our populations are youth — below 30 years old — and they are at forefront of shaping Somali’s narrative through innovation and technology. In the age of disruptive technology, our penetration for technology, ICT, and Internet have been remarkably encouraging. Were among the first countries to embrace cashless, mobile-based technology. Almost everyone in urbane areas — even rural areas – use mobile-bank services, locally known as EVC. The access to the internet has further been accelerated by the arrival of the fiber optic.

A new crop of young entrepreneurs, innovators, and software developers are showing a keen propensity for absorbing and adopting new technologies. A key goal of this summit is to examine and discuss the best ways in which to use knowledge and innovation to boost youth employment and drive a sustainable economic development through innovation and technology.

Part of our commitment, to this city is to create an enabling environment that can attract investment from global investors, and make Mogadishu the final destination for tourist and investors. Although not at the satisfactory level, yet the progress we made so far is encouraging. And this progress has not been possible without the sheer resilience and determination of Somali people, who have refused to be cowed and discouraged by the vicious terror attacks. Instead, they have embrace peace over war, unity over division and continued to invest and rebuild this city.

Director of MTS2018
M.Khadar Ismail